About Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism Course


Buddha’s’ teaching is 2500 years old wisdom of delivering skilful means to achieve happiness and to overcome destructive emotions and suffering. The goal is to provide a step by step educational guidance to beginners and practitioners in their path of learning Buddhism categorically as Buddhist Philosophy, as Buddhist Science, and as Buddhist Religion.

A. Buddhist Philosophy Course:

Lord Buddha encouraged free will of his students to analyze before accepting his teachings, which gave rise to different philosophical schools of Buddhism. This course presents the basic understanding of the foundation aspect and the path aspect of Hinayana schools and Mahayana schools.

Level 1: Foundation Aspect: are characterized by the two truths namely conventional truth and the ultimate truth dealing with the established nature of objective physical world around you and the subjective psychic world of mental faculty.
Level 2: Path Aspect: overview of Lam-Rim (graded stage) according to initial scope, middle scope, and great scope. Overview of Lo-Jong (mind training). Overview of Sa-Lam (ground and path)

B. Buddhist Science Course:

Delves in the science of Buddhist Psychology.

C. Buddhist religion Course:

Level 1:
Fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism, Introduction to Sutrayana and Vajrayana.
Level 2: Understanding the Foundation, Path as well as Resultant Fruit aspect of the Common and Uncommon Mahayanic practice of Four Noble Truth, Lam-Rim, and Lo-Jong.
Level 3: Meditation courses: cultivation of
1) Refuge to three jewels,
2) Generating Bodhichita,
3) Focusing on Emptiness,
Focusing on Self-Voidness.